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BioActs develops and manufactures high-sensitivity, high-purity and high-quality proprietary and classical bio-fluorescent probes. These include fluorescent dyes, optical materials for in vitro diagnostic products, near-infrared (NIR) materials and contrast agents for in vivo research.

Their fields of expertise include a broad range of biochemical labelling, cell analysis, in vivo imaging and nucleic acid labelling dyes. In addition BioActs supply conjugated secondary antibodies, along with a broad panel of nanoparticles and beads.

Fluorescent FSD Fluor Dyes

The FSD Fluor series is a new panel of proprietary fluorescent dyes with excellent fluorescence intensity and high quantum yield compared to conventional fluorescent dyes.

The fluorescence intensity is maintained after binding with biomolecular targets (antibodies, peptides, proteins, etc.). In addition, it has a wide spectrum of product lines that can be used for most fluorescence equipment and application studies.

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FSD Fluor Dyes

Flamma Fluor Dyes

The Flamma Fluor series is a panel of proprietary fluorescent dyes with brighter fluorescence performance than conventional dyes and with a broad spectral coverage from UV to NIR.

Flamma Flour Dyes are compatible with most fluorescence equipment and can be used in a broad range of application studies. A wide variety of reactive groups are available and this range is an ideal replacement of Alexa Fluors, ATTO Dyes, DyLight Dyes, and other classical dyes.

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Flamma Fluor Dyes

Cell Analysis Tools

A variety of cell studies including organelle detection and cell function and proliferation can be performed using BioActs' fluorescent probes and antibodies. Their fluorescent probes can be applied to live cell imaging, as well as fluorescent microscopy and flow cytometry.

CytoFlamma Cell Membrane - CytoFlamma Fluors are hydrophobic dyes that can be used for cell membrane labelling. Due to their low cytotoxicity and ability to penetrate into the cell membrane, they can be used in live cells.

MitoFlamma Green - MitoFlamma Green is a fluorescence probe designed specifically for staining mitochondria in cells. Marked mitochondria in live cells can be used to trace cell mutations from drugs/external stimuli or for multi-imaging staining of fixed mitochondria.

ApoFlamma Dyes - ApoFlamma dyes are suitable for fluorescence imaging of apoptosis. Two products groups exist; ApoFlamma PS and ApoFlamma H. The ApoFlamma PS panel specifically targets phosphatidylserine (PS) exposed on the cell-surface of dead cells whilst the ApoFlamma® H panel of dyes specifically target histone 1 exposed on the surface of apoptotic cells.

Organelle and Cell Target-specific Imaging - In order to obtain clear-cut images using primary antibodies specific for cell organelle targets such as Tubulin, Mitochondria, Autophagosome, Golgi, ER or Peroxisomes, it is important to apply secondary antibodies with excellent fluorescent dyes. BioActs' fluorescent secondary antibodies provide great results in fluorescence microscopy, confocal laser scanning microscope, flow cytometry and western blots.


In Vivo Imaging Tools

Fluorescent technology is nonradioactive, has a long half-life and multiple channels. The structure of its related equipment and devices is also much simpler than that of radioactive equipment. This makes it ideal for the biological monitoring and visualisation of small animals in real time.

BioActs NpFlamma HGC florescent dye series have a wavelength range of 700~900nm, are free from noise caused by auto-fluorescence of biological substances and are used as effective imaging agents in in vivo optical imaging due to their long wavelength.

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NpFlamma HGC

BioActs products are extensively utilised as optical materials and probes in universities, research institutes and enterprises throughout the world. They are used in both basic and applied research in the fields of medical, chemical and pharmaceutical research.

If you require further information about BioActs, please do not hesitate to contact Caltag Medsystems by email, contact us, or call +44 (0)1280 827460.


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