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The old way of producing recombinant proteins comes with an enormous environmental price tag. With a looming climate crisis and rising demand for growth factors and proteins, the world desperately needs a new paradigm in recombinant protein production.

Future Fields, a company based in the province of Alberta, Canada, is the first to harness the sustainability, scalability, and scientific elegance of fruit flies to manufacture cost-effective proteins. Their EntoEngine™ platform produces serum-free, bioactive growth factors and other recombinant proteins more sustainably than traditional expression systems, taking a big bite out of energy use, waste, and CO2 emissions.

The EntoEngine™ platform optimises the production of critical products across a broad range of industries and applications including cellular agriculture, research, therapeutics, vaccines, growth factors, and enzymes – all within a circular economy framework.

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Available products:

Future Fields Recombinant Bovine FGF2

Future Fields Recombinant Bovine FGF2 (> 95 % purity) produced with the EntoEngine™ expression platform fulfils the needs of FGF2 requirements in cell culture across a variety of land-dwelling and aquatic species.

Our purified bovine FGF2 is a high-performing drop-in replacement for commercially available recombinant FGF2 in driving the proliferation of cells that express FGF receptors. Purified Bovine FGF2 produced in the EntoEngine™ has been confirmed to activate the FGF receptors via the activation of ERK1/2 pathways. Future Fields uses proprietary extraction and purification technologies to produce functional high-quality FGF2 that is ready for cell cultures.

Our purified FGF2 comes as a lyophilized powder, which when reconstituted is ready to be supplemented into cell culture media.

FGF2 (Recombinant Bovine) Growth Factor

Future Fields Recombinant Bovine FGF2

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  • Human FGF2
  • Human prolactin
  • Human LIF
  • Bovine PDGF-bb
  • Activin A
  • IGF-1
  • And Others!


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