#Wikimole Learn and Save on Popular Compounds

#Wikimole Learn and Save on Popular Compounds

Ever struggle to keep up with the latest trends in chemistry? Targetmol is now making it easier with its #Wikimole campaign.

With the #Wikimole campaign, you’ll be able to learn more about the current most used compounds in research, while also getting 5% off if you try one of those molecules for your own research! But hurry, this offer is only valid until the end of July!

Look no further and learn and save with TargetMol!

Offer Details

Get 5% off selected popular research molecules.

You can claim this offer by mentioning promo code ‘WIKIMOLE’ when contacting us.

This offer is valid from 1st May 2024 to 31st July 2024.

About TargetMol’s Molecules

Small molecule inhibitors can bind to target proteins and reduce their biological activity and are often used as tools in biological and pharmacological research.

Small molecule inhibitors have become important tool drugs in life science research in recent years due to their significant advantages in the regulation of different cellular processes, such as cell cycle control, mitosis, signalling pathways, gene expression, migration, wound healing, apoptosis and autophagy.

TargetMol can provide over 12,000 small molecule inhibitors of 23 signalling pathways for research and development.

About TargetMol

TargetMol Chemicals Inc. specialises in compound libraries and small molecule compounds that serve the research needs of chemical and biological scientists worldwide.

TargetMol diligently updates and offers over 170 types of high-quality research chemicals, including inhibitors and activatorsnatural productsdrug analogue antibodies, and novel life science kits.

These small compounds and kits are routinely used by scientists in various research areas and signalling pathways such as Angiogenesisstem cell maintenanceubiquitinationcell cycle/checkpointDNA Damage/DNA Repairmicrobiology & virologyapoptosis and more.

In addition, TargetMol’s lab can conduct CADD (computer-aided drug design) and chemical synthesis to meet the customisation needs of researchers.

Caltag Medsystems is the distributor of TargetMol products in the UK & Ireland.

#Wikimole Learn and Save on Popular Compounds
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