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Biotech Support Group provide separation and enrichment tools for the preparation of samples for proteomics and genomics.

Proteomic & Genomic Sample Prep and Enrichment

The surface chemistries of Biotech Support Group kits focus on selective protein binding and ensure functional and structural properties of samples are retained. This is essential for functional studies and for enrichment of enzyme biomarkers – allowing for better data quality for all downstream proteomic and biomarker analyses.


  • Consumable use, not derived from biologicals
  • Functional integrity, suitable for functional and chemical proteomics
  • On-bead digestion, improves performance and workflow
  • Strategies for both enrichment of low abundance proteomes, or depletion of high abundance proteins.

If you have any specific requirements or need help sourcing a particular product, then please get in touch. To view the full range of products available from Biotech Support Group, please click here.

Albumin Removal Kits

  • Unique surface chemistries
  • Depletes 90-95% of albumin
  • Species agnostic
  • Retains function and bio-activity

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Haemoglobin Removal Kits

  • Unique surface chemistries
  • Depletes Haemoglobin 90-95% of haemoglobin
  • Species agnostic
  • Retains function and bio-activity

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Lipid Removal & Clarification

  • Extensively cited
  • Replaces hazardous hydrocarbons
  • Diverse samples

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Urine Protein & Low Abundance Enrichment

  • Alternative to UF/alcohol
  • New prospecting strategies

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Class Specific Enrichment - Kinases, Glycoproteins, Viruses

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Genomic Sample Preparation

  • Substitute to phenol/chloroform
  • Microbial sample prep
  • Procipitate Handbook - a superior substitute for phenol/chloroform for DNA isolation and protein binding

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Functional & Chemical Proteomics

  • Conformational variants
  • Affinity immobilization

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Sample Prep: Multiple Applications

  • Detergent removal
  • Protein removal
  • Metabolomics

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The BSG Advantage

All BSG products have the following common features and advantages:

1. Consumable

  • No specialised instruments or HPLC required
  • Economical surface chemistries, not derived from biologicals
  • No regeneration, therefore no prep to prep variability
  • Simple & fast protocols for microfuge binding/washing and elution.

2. Diverse Strategies for Enrichment/Depletion

  • Products support strategies for both enrichment of low abundance proteomes, or depletion of high abundance proteins
  • Species agnostic, not derived from biologicals.
High Abundance Depletion + Digestion Efficiency + Simple Workflow = Better LC-MS Output

3. On-Bead Digestion: Efficient Workflows and Improved Data

  • Simple, reproducible workflows
  • Equivalent or better than in-solution digestion
  • Seamless to LC-MS, no desalting or C18 separations
  • Unique proteolytic efficiencies

4. Functional Integrity Maintained Throughout All Separations

  • Mild buffer conditions maintains native structure with retained enzymatic, functional & bio-activities
  • Supports enzyme biomarker assays
  • Functional & chemical proteomics
  • Structural & activity-probe proteomics
  • Top-down & Array Bridge PEP proteomics
With and without AlbuVoid(tm) Enrichment

Hexokinase Activity in Normal and Lung Cancer patient Serum With & Without AlbuVoid™ Enrichment


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