Cell Systems - Your experienced partner for human primary cells and optimised All-in-One media and reagent kit

Cell Systems, an AnaBios company distributed in the UK and Ireland by Caltag Medsystems.

Cell Systems is focused on the development and manufacturing of the highest standard research tools for the science of cell biology. They provide human primary cells, media, and reagents for research institutions around the globe to aid in the understanding of cell biology and discovery of treatments for all varieties of human conditions.

Founded in Seattle in 1989 by esteemed cell biologist Carl Soderland, Cell Systems became an early expert in the isolation and preparation of primary cell cultures. These primary cell cultures are manufactured to a £gold£ standard evident through decades of citations published in a number of scientific journals.

Today, Cell Systems continues its research of primary cell isolation while partnering with universities, research institutes, biotech entities and pharmaceutical companies around the world by providing cell biology tools for their experiments.

With a distinguished cell biology team and technical support team, you can rely on Cell Systems to deliver healthy, high-quality primary cells to your lab.

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Cell Systems is your partner for Primary Cell Research

Our high-quality research tools give scientists confidence going into each experiment and can heighten insights into human cell biology. Elevate your cell biology research using primary cells that are more biologically relevant, are highly cited in scientific journals and are ideal for use with our optimized suites of media and reagents.

Cell Systems primary cells are exclusively from normal, site-specific human tissue specimens, and available in frozen vial.

Cell Systems primary cells are:

  • Highly proliferative and healthy (~85% viability)
  • Isolated without antibodies
  • Offered with high cell count (~1 million cells per vial)
  • Well-cited in scientific journals
  • Ideal for 2D and 3D cultures, microfluidic devices, and co-cultures
  • Available as single vials
  • Lots can be reserved

Each vial will initiate a 25 - 75 cm sq cell culture. Cell Systems cells are isolated, frozen and qualified using Cell Systems Certified Media and Reagents which are specified for use in the research environment.

To request a list of donor specific cells, please contact us.

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Find the Right Cell Culture Media for Each of your Experiments

Cell Systems suite of specialised media provides researchers with a diverse set of tools to enhance research through consistent and stable environments for cell cultures. Cell Systems media may be used with all primary, immortalised, neoplastic and established cell lines.

Each media kit comes with a 10 mL vial of Attachment Factor™ to assist the researcher in plating cells, and CultureBoost™ or RocketFuel™ - their proprietary growth factors - to activate the media.

All Cell Systems media and reagents are sterile, made with WFI and all components are cGMP and ISO Compliant.

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Cell Systems most popular suite of kits offer consistent and stable environments to optimise the thawing and passaging of primary cells.

These serum-based formulations:

  • Are based on a modified and optimised basal DMEM/F12 (1:1)
  • Contain serum at 10% by volume
  • Do not contain phenol red
  • Packaged in 500 mL bottles

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Qualified and intended for use in the absence of serum, these Cell Systems media kits offer researchers a more refined approach to cell growth. These media are complete and ready to use for experimental applications with a stable, proliferating culture. Serum-free media formulations are not recommended for thawing and first passage of cryopreserved cells.

These serum-free formulations:

  • Are based on a modified and optimised basal DMEM/F12 (1:1)
  • Do contain Albumin
  • Do not contain Serum
  • Do contain phenol red
  • Packaged in 500 mL bottles

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Medium minus serum always refers to a medium intended to be supplemented by serum to become complete.

These minus-serum formulations:

  • Must be supplemented with 5 - 20% foetal bovine serum to become Complete
  • Do not contain serum
  • Do not contain phenol red
  • Packaged in 500 mL bottles

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Cell Systems Reagents: growth supplements, antibiotics and other reagents for passaging, freezing and cell adhesion

Optimise the plating, passaging and freezing of cell cultures with Cell Systems Reagents. Growth supplements and antibiotic products are also available to ensure each experiment is initiated in an optimal environment.

  • PASSAGING / FREEZING – Reagents for releasing cells from culture for subculture or freezing.
  • GROWTH SUPPLEMENTS – Obtain better results using Cell Systems growth supplements when initiating, expanding or passaging cultures.
  • ANTIBIOTICS – Media supplement to prevent bacterial and fungal growth during routine cell culture.
  • CELL ADHESION – Promotes cell attachment to tissue culture surfaces to improve plating efficiency and encourage healthy growth.

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Achieve Consistent Experiments with our Optimized All-in-One Kits

THE SYSTEM™ from Cell Systems is an all-in-one cell growth and passage system designed to provide your lab with convenience and consistency.

Each all-in-one kit includes:

  • 2-ea 500mL Cell Systems Medium
  • 1-ea 100mL Attachment Factor™
  • 2 vials Growth Factors™
  • 1 set of the Passage Reagent Group™
    • PRG-1 dPBS-EDTA Solution (100mL)
    • PRG-2 Trypsin-EDTA Solution (100mL)
    • PRG-3 Trypsin Inhibitor Solution (100mL)
  • 1-ea 50mL Cell Freezing Medium™

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