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Cloud-Clone, a company headquartered in Houston USA with a facility located in Wuhan China, produces ELISA kits, proteins, and antibodies. They provide excellent customer service, product guidance and technical support. Cloud-Clone’s quality management system is certified with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certificates, with all products inspected by a three-level quality control system: including raw-material QC, semi-finished product QC, and end-product QC. Based on rigorous R&D processes and strict quality control, Cloud-Clone is confident in its products and offers a 100% quality guarantee.

Available Products:

Their products are applicable to a wide range of research areas including Tumour Immunity, Endocrinology, Cardiovascular Biology, and more.

Cloud-Clone also provides Multiplex Assay Kits which enable profiling of multiple proteins in a single well and custom services to cater to individual requirements.


After 14 years of development and technology accumulation, Cloud-Clone has developed ELISA kits based on enzyme-linked immunoassay technology. Cloud-Clone has a product portfolio of 8,000+ kinds of high-quality assay kits covering 2,000+ indicators and 10+ species, designed to assist experimental research.

Sandwich ELISA kits

  • For quantifying antigens "sandwiched" between two antibodies

Sandwich CLIA

  • Like the sandwich ELISA but with chemiluminescence as the detection method


  • Immunoassay with chemiluminescence as the detection method

Competition ELISA kits

  • For the detection of small molecules

Antibody ELISA kits

  • For the detection of autoimmune disease targets

Mini ELISA kits

  • Only requires a 25 μL sample size to complete the detection of targets, saving 75% of the sample amount

Instant ELISA kits

  • Only takes 70 min to complete the sample detection - short experiment time & less sample consumption

High-Sensitive ELISA kits

  • With pg grade sensitivity, these are 10-100x more sensitive than regular ELISA Kits

Wide-range ELISA kits

  • For use when the concentration of the sample cannot be predicted in advance because the content in the host organism is variable

See all Cloud-Clone ELISA Kits here


Active Proteins

Cloud-Clone provides a variety of specifications of active proteins, to meet the needs of basic science experiments, drug screening, animal drug delivery and more. There are multiple advantages of using Cloud-Clone's active proteins:

  • High purity: ≥ 95%
  • Multiple host species available: rats, mice, rabbits, pigs, dogs, chickens, cows, etc.
  • Multiple specifications available: meet diverse experimental needs of research projects
  • Multiple detections: stimulating, binding, enzyme activity, etc.
  • Data sharing: internal test data is shared in real-time

Eukaryotic Proteins

Cloud Clone's eukaryotic proteins use a cDNA library of over 100 species, expressed through 4 expression systems – yeast, insect (baculovirus), mammalian cell and cell free to produce a variety of 1500+ proteins with a purity of >95%. The proteins produced include interleukins, growth factors, chemotactic factors, metal matrix proteins, cancer node proteins and more.


Cloud-Clone's antibodies are suitable for IHC, WB and ELISA. Most stock antibodies can be modified with FITC or Biotin labels on request.

Advantages of Cloud-Clone's Antibodies:

  • They are the original manufacturer of antibodies - 10+ host species create over 23,000 antibodies of more than 5 different types (including polyclonal antibodies, monoclonal antibodies, recombinant antibodies and more).
  • The knock-out validation platform is used to validate the antibodies - it is the only recognised gold standard platform for antibody detection. It reduces/blocks the target gene expression through gene interference, to detect the accuracy of the antibody at recognising the target protein.

See all Cloud-Clone antibodies here

Multiplex Assay Kit

Cloud-Clone Multiplex assay kits enable fast and efficient profiling of multiple proteins in a single well using the Multiplex xMAP technology. Multiplexing assays provide more data from each sample of plasma, serum, or tissue culture supernatant than do ELISAs, a critical feature when sample size is limited. Most importantly, a more comprehensive study of protein signalling can be achieved when multiplexing.

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Custom Services

Cloud-Clone has an enterprising research team and mature technical platform in biotechnology and immunity. This allows them to offer a custom protein expression and peptide synthesis service, which can be catered to individual requirements, including lead time, yield, concentration, purity, modification.

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