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ElabScience is a biotechnology company specialising in reagents for immunodiagnostics. It provides more than 20,000 products, including thousands of ELISA Kits and CLIA kits.

Through innovative techniques and combinative use of immunology, molecular biology and cell biology, ElabScience reagents cover many research areas involving: In-vitro diagnosis, molecular markers, protein expression, food safety, drug residue, and environment protection.

ElabScience provide over 14 000 ELISA kits for the following 10 species: Human, Mouse, Rat, Porcine, Monkey, Rabbit and Chicken. Their CLIA kits available include Human, Mouse and Rat. In addition, the portfolio contains Proteins, Antibodies, Labelling Kits, Biochemical Kits and Other Reagents.


Elabscience has been Highly Commended in the 2019 CiteAb Awards in the category 'ELISA kit supplier to watch in 2019'. They were nominated by the worldwide research users of ELISA and was final selected by jury based on the vote. Elabscience will continue to work hard to provide high-quality products and perfect services to researchers all over the world and strive to become a benchmark in the life science field.

CiteAb Awards

ElabScience offers a great variety of ELISA kits, these can be classified into several categories including Sandwich-ELISA, Competitive-ELISA, and Cell-Based ELISA.

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ElabScience offer a wide-range of high-quality CLIA kits which are high in sensitivity, highly specific, low cost, and offer rapid detection together with a wide detection range. Discover how your research can benefit from ElabScience CLIA Kits today.

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ElabScience provides various proteins derived from bacterial, virus, mammalian and other species. Their purified native and recombinant proteins can be applied in a wide variety of applications including ELISA, WB, IP, antibody preparation, protein-protein interaction studies, functional assays, post-translational modification analysis and other biological experiments.

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ElabScience's Antibody Platform provides over 20,000 polyclonal and monoclonal Antibodies, Phospho-Antibodies, Acetyl-Antibodies, Tag Antibodies, Secondary Antibodies, Isotype Antibodies and more. Elabscience's antibodies can be applied in ELISA, WB, IHC, IP and ChIP.

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Flow Cytometry Antibodies

Elabscience specialises in immunodiagnostic technology for the life science community. With an updated validation process and the latest in fluorescent labelling technology, Elabscience can produce high-quality Flow Cytometry Antibodies designed for cell and biomarker detection. Providing a variety of anti-human, anti-mouse and anti-rat flow cytometry antibodies. These include popular antibodies such as:

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