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EnoGene specialises in the development and production of antibodies, assay / detection kits, proteins and chemical compounds for biochemistry, molecular biology, immunology and other research areas.

In addition, Enogene also provide researchers with biotech services like peptide synthesis, monoclonal antibody development, polyclonal antibody development and antibody validation by Western Blot, ELISA, flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry, etc. EnoGene is committed to providing researchers high-qualified products and services, saving you time and energy.


EnoGene produces high quality products through its thorough quality control system, the product line includes over 400 immunohistochemistry antibodies and nearly 600 signal transduction research antibodies covered in 18 signalling pathways. Products also include commonly used internal control and tag antibodies, which have successful application in cancer research, neuroscience and other life science fields. They are focused on the development of more qualified antibodies to enrich their product lines. New products include:

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Enogene provides a variety of proteins for numerous research areas. Their recombinant proteins can be applied in a wide variety of applications including ELISA, WB, IP, antibody preparation, functional assays and other biological experiments. Products include:


Detection kits

Enogene's newly introduced Detection kit product range, designed to identify and quantify selective activity in apoptotic cells, can be use in research areas such as Degenerative Diseases, Oxidative Stress and Oncology.

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Exosome and Mitochondria Isolation kits

Exosome and Mitochondria Isolation kits provide a simple and efficient means for isolation of desired cells or removal of dead cells from the sample.

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ELISA kits

Enogene also offer a growing variety of highly tested and verified ELISA kits for:

  • immunological research
  • cancer research
  • metabolic research
  • cardiovascular research
  • neurological research and more...

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