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GeneCopoeia, Inc. is a Maryland, USA, based manufacturer and provider of innovative technologies and turnkey tools for biological and biomedical research, research and development of pharmaceuticals and clinical diagnostics.

Categories of offered products and services focus primarily on molecular biology, genomics, proteomics, cell biology and immunology. Laboratory and manufacturing facilities for product productions and custom services were built with GMP and GLP standards.

In addition to having the most comprehensive and genome-wide coverage collections of premade and expression-ready human and mouse ORF cDNA clones, GeneCopoeia's portfolios of products and custom services also include:

Vector / plasmid-based over-expression clones

GeneCopoeia is the original manufacturer of ORF clones for human and mouse. You will be able to find clones covering nearly every conceivable application for molecular biology, including ORF, CRISPR and TALEN, microRNA analysis, and promoters. All their expression-ready ORF, shRNA, CRISPR sgRNA, and TALEN clones are sequence-verified, providing you with the highest quality. Their ready-to-express clones are available in many vector types that let you choose options for promoters, selection markers, fluorescent reporters, and more. Most of their ready-to-express clones are available in non-viral or lentiviral vectors, giving you the power to express them in a large variety of cell types.

They also offer PCR/RT-PCR products, and other molecular biology tools.

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CRISPR and other genome-editing related products

Genome Editing is revolutionizing biomedical research, due to its high efficiency, ease-of-use, and relatively low cost. With products for CRISPR-Cas9 clones, validation and screening kits, pre-made stable cell lines, and more, GeneCopoeia's Complete Solutions for Genome Editing provide you with a wealth of tools to help you every step of the way in your genome editing workflow.

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Lentiviral, AAV, and adenoviral based pseudoviral particle products

Recombinant viral vectors are widely used gene delivery tools for cells, animal models, and clinical applications, due to their propensity to infect most cells and tissues, and for enhanced safety. GeneCopoeia's comprehensive suite of viral solutions for lentivirus and adeno-associated virus (AAV) includes ready-to-use particles suitable for use in cell culture and animals, plasmid clones expressing ORF, promoter, miRNA, shRNA, and sgRNA, and packaging reagents for do-it-yourself lentiviral particle production.

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Antigen protein microarray products and services

GeneCopoeia's antigen protein microarray products and services can be used in clinical research on autoimmune and other immune diseases by surveying and detecting auto-antibodies and other antibodies generated from exposures to pathogens and environmental agents.

GeneCopoeia's OmicsArray™ antigen microarrays include premade antigen microarrays and antigen microarray custom services. Antigen microarrays are protein microarrays (also known as "protein arrays" and "protein chips") that comprise powerful tools for many applications, including autoantibody detection, biomarker profiling, and characterization of protein-molecule interactions. Antigen microarrays enable parallel detection of antibodies or other biomarkers present in patient samples for diseases including rheumatoid arthritis, muscular dystrophy, systemic lupus erythematosus, and type 1 diabetes.

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Stable cell lines and immortalized cell lines

Stable cultured cell lines are widely used in many areas of biomedical research, including cancer, compound screening, and metabolic disease.

GeneCopoeia's comprehensive suite of cell lines stably express many elements useful to researchers, including the CRISPR-Cas9 nuclease, dCas9, GFP, luciferase, cancer biomarker mutations, and transcriptional response elements. Each cell line is provided in a variety of cancer cell backgrounds, providing useful tools for studying cancer properties and development of effective therapies. The cell lines are pre-made and available for next-day shipping, and are isolated from single cell clones, ensuring high quality and uniform genetic backgrounds. We also offer state-of-the-art services for establishing stable cell lines for protein overexpression, gene knockdown, genome editing and more to meet your specific research needs.

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Fluorescent dyes, molecular probes and labelling products and services

Genecopoeia offers a range of high quality, cost-effective fluorescent dyes, molecular probes, labelling products as well as reagents for your molecular biology research.

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GeneCopoeia products are distributed in the UK by Caltag Medsystems


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