A global shortage of CO2 is affecting the cost of dry ice. Regrettably, we must add a surcharge of £10/€12 to every shipment that requires dry ice.

Price Changes at Caltag Medsystems

Price Changes at Caltag Medsystems

Dear valued customers,

We know that you want the best price for your products, and we always commit to providing reasonable prices. Unlike our competitors, you will not find artificial price inflation and then ‘generous’ discounts when working with us, just fair prices and good customer service.

Sadly, we are not immune to the pressures of the global economy and have taken the hard decision to increase our prices mid-year.  This is not something done lightly as we know the disruption this causes for all involved. To help you understand why this is necessary I’d like to briefly explain the price pressure we are under.

  1. Strong US Dollar. Our suppliers based in North America and the Far East charge us in US Dollars. At the start of the year, we could buy $1 for £0.74 but that same $1 now costs £0.83; a 12% increase in our direct costs just on currency exchange (prices from google USD-GBP exchange 1st January and 20th July 2022).
  2. Fuel Costs: You will have all noticed the cost to fill up your car has shot up. These increased costs are also felt by couriers who have all increased prices from the start of the year by 11%.
  3. Packaging: I hadn’t realised until a recent DIY project that the cost of lumber appears to be on a similar trajectory as oil. This impacts our packaging costs which have increased by 25%.
  4. Dry Ice: The war in Ukraine is having a big influence on the fertiliser industry, which in turn impacts CO2 production. This impacts our Dry Ice costs which have increased by 25%.
  5. Global Suppliers: Many of our suppliers are also feeling the strain of global price increases and have taken the unusual step of increasing their prices mid-year. These have broadly ranged from 2% to 8%.

As a small family business, I must take action to stay afloat and you will see a price increase across all our products from 28th July 2022. These prices will be reviewed again in December 2022 and a new price list published in January 2023. I promise to be responsive to economic change and decrease our prices should the global economic situation improve from a UK perspective.

Thank you for your understanding.

Kind regards,

Dean Coupar

Managing Director

Price Changes at Caltag Medsystems