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Serum free baculovirus insect cell expression medium – BioConcept

Serum free baculovirus insect cell expression medium – BioConcept

The SF-4 baculovirus insect cell expression medium from BioConcept provides high yield high quality proteins, suitable for baculovirus expression in all insect cells. Contrary to other baculovirus expression media from other suppliers, BioConcept test and screen various critical ingredients and as such the SF-4 medium has practically no variability. This results in significant improvements to consistency in culture and protein expression. BioConcept’s SF-4 medium is commonly and broadly used in Switzerland and numerous highly rated Nature papers have been published using their SF-4 medium. In addition, for amino acid isotype labelling applications, SF-4 is available in various amino acid depleted variations.

Key Features

  • Suitable for baculovirus expression in all insect cells: Spodoptera frugiperda (SF9, SF21) BTI-TN-5B1-4 (High FiveTM),Drosophila melanogaster (D.Mel-2) cells
  • High Cell Density
  • Fast Adaptation
  • High Protein Yield
  • No variability between lots
  • Stable in fridge for long periods of time
  • Cost competitive
  • High yield of expressed proteins beyond current commercial media

Customer Benefits

  • All cell types can be cultivated: monolayer-, spinner- or shaking cultures, adherent cells and suspension cells
  • The medium contains all additives necessary for the cultivation of insect cells in the optimal concentration: steroids, amino acids, organic acids, glutamine and glucose

Product Information

Product Description: SF-4 Baculo Express ICM “ready to use”

Product Codes: 9-00F38-I (500ml), 9-00F38-K (1L)

BioConcept SF-4 Baculo Express ICM “ready to use” media bottle, 500ml. Product 9-00F38-I

Amino Acid Depleted Media

9-07S38-I: SF-4 Baculo Express (1.1× conc.), w/o yeast extract, w/o L-Valine 500 ml
9-10S38-I: SF-4 Baculo Express (1.1× conc.), w/o yeast extract, w/o Methionine 500 ml
9-05S38-I: SF-4 Baculo Express (1.1× conc.), w/o yeast extract, w/o L-Tyrosine 500 ml
9-02S38-I: SF-4 Baculo Express (1.1× conc.), w/o yeast extract, w/o amino acids 500 ml

Amino acid depleted SF-4 media (Cat. No: 9-07S38-I, 9-10S38-I, 9-05S38-I and 9-02S38-I) are an efficient reagent for isotope labeling in NMR studies. Other modifications are available upon request. Please contact us!

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BioConcept products are distributed in the UK by Caltag Medsystems. If you have any questions on the products listed on this page, please contact us.

Serum free baculovirus insect cell expression medium – BioConcept
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