Transduction Reagents: Virus Production

Transduction Reagents: Virus Production


HYVIR™ is a novel lipid-based transfection kit dedicated to enhancing viral particle production in HEK-293T.

Its specific formulation allows optimal plasmid compaction, protection and delivery rendering HYVIR ideal for the production of the last generation of lentivirus.

3rd generation system, while improving the safety of the 2nd generation by splitting the packaging system into two plasmids, also increases the difficulty of delivery: now 4 plasmids need to be transfected at the same time under a precise stoichiometry.

Thanks to its chemical moieties, HYVIR™ is the perfect transfection reagent dedicated to this task as it allows maximal compaction for an efficient co-transfection of packaging plasmid(s), envelope plasmid and lentiviral transfer plasmid encoding your gene of interest.

  • Performant: reach high-titer functional lentiviral / virus production.
  • Highly efficient: co-transfection of 4 plasmids at the same time.
  • Reliable & Reproducible: easily scalable for production in large volumes and can be raised to superior grade.
  • Ideal reagent for HEK293T cell transfection.
  • Completely animal-origin-free.


Calcium Phosphate (CaPO) Transfection Kit is perfect for transfecting HEK 293 cells. This transfection method, first described by Graham and Van Der Ebb in 1973, has been optimised in order to reach higher transfection efficiency. The CaPO transfection kit is simple and easy to use. It allows reaching between 95 and 100 % of HEK 293 transfected cells and a very high titer for virus production. 

  • Ideal for virus production.
  • High HEK 293 cell transfection efficiency.
  • Serum compatible.
  • Simple, ready to use and Rapid.

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Transduction Reagents: Virus Production

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