VivoVist™ Free Sample!

VivoVist™ Free Sample!

Are you looking for the best-performing X-ray contrast agent?

Look no further than Nanoprobes’ nanotechnology super contrast agent, VivoVistTM! Get your hands on this revolutionary product with a free sample*, available for a limited time only!

Offer Details

Get a free* 0.25mL sample of VivoVistTM.

You can claim this offer by mentioning the product code ‘NP-1301-0.25ML’ when contacting us.

This offer is valid for a limited time only.

One free sample per customer.

*shipping charges apply.

About Nanoprobes’ VivoVist™

VivoVist™ enables higher contrast than competing agents, at a lower price, and makes imaging in rats or other larger animals affordable for the first time.

VivoVist™ is a revolutionary nanotechnology super contrast agent of alkaline earth metal nanoparticles. VivoVist™ enables greatly enhanced X-ray imaging of blood vessels, tumours, and other tissues and organs.

It is particularly useful for in vivo live animal microCT imaging, for studies of tumours, stroke, atherosclerosis and other vascular conditions, organ function, and other biological structural and functional analyses.

About Nanoprobes

Nanoprobes are a nanoparticle research collaborative, striving to engineer the most sensitive reagents and nanotechnology for detecting biological molecules.

Using gold labels for sensitive and rapid medical diagnostics, Nanoprobes offer a range of reagents for chemical amplification, staining and imaging. Nanoprobes’ Nanogold® probes have been cited in over 250 publications, and are used in the laboratories of several Nobel Laureates. For the latest in detection technology and reagents, look to Nanoprobes.

Caltag Medsystems is the distributor of Nanoprobes products in the UK & Ireland.

VivoVist™ Free Sample!
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