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iXCells Biotechnologies (San Diego, CA) offers high-quality primary and iPSC-derived cells, animal primary cells, media, reagents, and custom iPSC services to support drug discovery research.

The company is dedicated to providing innovative pre-clinical drug discovery solutions with the focus on disease relevant cellular models.

iXCells Biotechnologies was the first company to develop and commercialise functionally characterised iPSC-derived motor neurons. With a network of collaborators and partners across biotech and pharma they continue to make discoveries and expand product offerings to maintain their position as a leader in the marketplace.

Available Products:

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iPSC & iPSC-derived Cells

iXCells provides a range of iPSC cell lines and iPSC-derived cells:

  • iPSC cell lines: derived from normal patients as well as patients with a selection of neurological diseases or Type 2 diabetes.
  • Human neural stem cells (NSCs): derived from normal or diseased iPS cell lines.
  • Human Skeletal Muscle Myoblasts: valuable for biochemical analysis and disease modelling.
  • Neurons: a variety of neurons are available from normal patients as well as diseased state patients.
  • Astrocytes: fully differentiated and functional human that display typical astrocytic morphology, available from normal or diseased patients.

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Human Primary Cells

iXCells offers a broad collection of human primary cells and the ability to perform custom isolations upon demand, which are obtained through programs complying with The Declaration of Helsinki:

  • Immune cells
    • Cryopreserved and available from a large donor population, enabling selection of optimal phenotypes for research including age, gender, ethnicity, race, blood type and more.
  • Hepatic Cells & Hepatocytes
    • For use when focusing on drug metabolism studies, liver disease research, or toxicology assessments.
    • Isolated from whole liver of human organ donors and cryopreserved on the day of isolation.
  • Renal cells
    • Offer accurate and reliable insights to enable researchers to study kidney function, disease mechanisms, and potential therapeutic interventions.
    • Isolated from adult human kidney tissue
  • Vascular cells
    • Includes cells from cardiac, cardiac microvascular, umbilical vein, dermal, and other vascular origins that have been rigorously quality control tested.
  • Dermal cells
    • Available from normal donors including neonatal foreskin and adult skin, or from adult skin of Type 1 Diabetes patients.
  • Adipose cells
    • Isolated from human lipoaspirate tissue collected during elective surgical liposuction procedures.
    • Available for normal donors and patients with Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, or Obesity (BMI>30).
  • And more!

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Animal Primary Cells

iXCells have a large collection of primary cells from different species including mouse, rat, rabbit, bovine, porcine, and dog.

iXCells also can perform custom isolations of animal primary cells upon demand.

All cell material generated comes with an in house generated CoA and product information sheet to ensure customers have all the relevant information to advance research.

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Cell Culture Media & Reagents

To complement iXCells ranges of iPSC cell lines, iPSC-derived cells and primary cells, they also provide a range of cell culture media, supplements & reagents and inhibitors & activators.

Cell Culture Media     Cell Culture Supplements & Reagents     Inhibitors & Activators

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Cell Systems

iXCells' offers primary cells from a range of cell systems:

Disease State Products

iXCells' products are also available in various disease states:


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