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Krishgen Biosystems, distributed in the UK by Caltag Medsystems

Krishgen Biosystems, established 2003, is a manufacturer of immunoassays, focused on developing unique, highly specific, and sensitive products for research and clinical use. Krishgen ELISAs have been cited over 1300 times since 2008 in leading journals from around the world.

Focused on life sciences and biotechnology, as well as clinical IVD and food safety, all Krishgen ELISA kits are produced under ISO 13485 quality system.

Their R&D and product development operations are in collaboration with leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies, as well as research institutes and universities.

Krishgen is focused on understanding the needs of researchers and consistently endeavours to add new and relevant products to its pipeline.

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Pharmacokinetic mAb-based Assays and Anti-Drug Antibody Assays

Manufactured using high-quality anti-idiotypic monoclonal antibodies, Krishgen's ELISAs for pharmacokinetic studies of antibody drugs (mAbs) and anti-drug antibodies are specific and well-validated. Spanning 350+ mAb drug targets, Krishgen offers the most comprehensive PK ELISA catalogue in the world.

These mAb-based assays use the innovator drug as the calibrator, and are subject to a stringent seven-step validation process, including serum and plasma validation, as per ICH and FDA guidelines for biological assays.

When available, the ELISA are also calibrated against international NIBSC / WHO standards - this is particularly for our PK, ADA and COVID-19 ELISA. Currently, Krishgen is one of the only manufacturers worldwide to have NIBSC calibrated ELISA.

  • Clocking in at a Precision of Inter- and Intra - assay with CV<15%, these ELISA offer high recovery rates (85% - 115%).
  • Expiry dates are typically 10-11 months, with break-apart wells allowing for ease of use.
  • Easy customization for sample matrix is also available for existing kits (eg. For use with mouse or rat samples)
  • Short incubation times for biologics testing

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Bispecific Antibody Drug Assay

One of the only commercially available, ready-to-use quantitative ELISA available worldwide for estimation of bispecific antibody drugs, offering 40+ targets.

These bispecific antibody drug ELISAs use a sandwich assay format with both binding site targets of the drug forming the sandwich complex. This ensures highly specific detection and quantification.

Validated as per ICH and EMA guidelines for biological assays, these assays are compatible for use with generics and biosimilars.

  • Lyophilized standards offer better stability, with an expiry of 10 – 11 months.
  • Validated for both human serum and plasma sample matrices but can be customized upon request

Peptide Drug Assays

ELISA for the detection and quantification of small molecules and peptide drugs in serum and plasma samples. Designed for pharmacokinetic studies, these ELISA are calibrated against the innovator drug and use monoclonal antibodies to provide a robust, specific result.

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Antibody Drug Contamination ELISA

Krishgen offers a range of process antibody drug contamination ELISA to help optimize and monitor product integrity, aiding in optimal purification process development, process control, routine quality control, and product batch-release testing. Current methods such as HPLC or GC-MS are not only complex and expensive but also time-consuming. ELISAs for the detection of bio-process impurities speed up and simplify the analysis without the loss of accuracy and sensitivity.

These contamination ELISAs can be used to detect antibody drugs in cell culture supernatant and other purified systems including vaccines.

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Bioprocess Contamination ELISA

A range of ELISA to help optimize and monitor product integrity and maximize yield in upstream and downstream bioprocessing during drug discovery and production. Comparable to the market leader and based on sandwich immunoassay formats, Krishgen's ELISA for CHO and E.coli Host Cell DNA and Proteins as well as other process-related contaminations are sensitive and offer robust results.

See Bioprocess Contamination ELISA


Krishgen offers 5,000+ ELISA for the detection of various biomarkers and cytokines in human serum and plasma samples. Krishgen uses highly specific monoclonal antibody pairs for detection and coating, with proprietary stabilizers and blockers for optimal noise:signal ratio.

Other features include:

  • Ready to use protocol, or the option to buy in bulk packs
  • Standardization and Reproducibility allowing for Lot-to-Lot consistency
  • Accuracy and Precision to add confidence to your results
  • Validated against seven points for a gold ring standard quality ELISA, a marker for Krishgen quality.
  • Long shelf life (a minimum of 10 months)

Our ELISA portfolio covers, amongst others, the following categories of analytes:

  • Neurobiology markers
  • Phosphospecific proteins
  • Cytokines
  • Chemokines
  • Interleukins
  • Inflammation targets
  • Signaling proteins
  • Receptors
  • Growth factors
  • And more...

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For detection of analytes in animal samples, Krishgen manufactures 10,000+ ELISA. These are developed using specific, matched monoclonal antibody pairs with proprietary stabilizers and blockers for optimal noise:signal ratio.

Species available:

Rat | Mouse | Hamster | Rabbit | Monkey | Cat | Dog (Canine) | Guinea Pig | Bovine | Goat | Porcine | Sheep | Horse | Zebra Fish | Chicken | Fish

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