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Neuromics' unique value is based on providing reagents that are thoroughly tested and characterized. This includes tools and capabilities for cell based assays and gene expression analysis. Neuromics' strive to find better ways to serve and provide value to basic research and drug discovery customers.

Human Cells

The cornerstone of Neuromics is based on our ability to provide potent, pure and ready to culture human cells isolated from adult material.

Animal Cells

Neuromics offers a variety of neuronal frozen rat cells.

Cell Culture Products

Neuromic offer cell type specific media including stem cell media along with fetal bovine, chicken and horse serum. They also offers solutions for coating, detachment, and cryopreservation.

Antibodies and Proteins

Neuromics offers antibodies, recombinant and natural proteins, small molecule, peptide agonists, antagonists, inhibitors and ligands in various research areas:


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