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BriClone™ Hybridoma Cloning Medium Supplement

In 1994, the research team at Dubin City University (DCU) developed BriClone™ to improve the efficiency of cloning medium used in the post-fusion stages of hybridoma production and for improving the efficiency of hybridoma cell cloning.

At the request of the wider research community, this high-quality supplement was made more widely available and has been in continuous production for over 25 years.

More recently, the team at NICB, DCU have developed a serum-free version of the original BriClone™ supplement.

BriClone™ Hybridoma Cloning Medium Supplement

BriClone™ is a long established hybridoma growing medium supplement that has been developed and sold since 1994. BriClone™ is a conditioned medium collected from a human cell line, supplied as a frozen medium in 100 mL aliquots. It is a cloning medium suitable for use in the post fusion stages of hybridoma production and for cloning hybridoma cells under conditions of limiting dilution. When added to culture media, BriClone™ replaces the function of feeder cells.

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BriClone™-SF Hybridoma Cloning Medium Supplement

BriClone™-SF is a serum-free basal medium supplement designed to improve the efficiency and support optimal growth of freshly fused hybridoma cells during the fusion and post fusion stages of antibody production and under conditions of hybridoma single cell cloning. BriClone™-SF was developed using a proprietary mixture of recombinant proteins in the same basal (serum-free) medium as the original product. BriClone™-SF is for use in situations that may require the use of materials which are free of serum and have had no contact with mammalian cells.

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Why use BriClone™ and BriClone™-SF?

The use of feeder cells to support the outgrowth of hybridomas has several disadvantages. These include the potential problem of batch-to-batch variation in the quality of feeder cells, plus feeder cells compete with freshly fused hybridomas resulting in the depletion of vital nutrients from the culture medium. BriClone™ and BriClone™-SF have been developed to overcome these common problems that occur with feeder cells.


  • Increased efficiency in hybridoma production.
  • No time-consuming preparations.
  • Elimination of batch variation.
  • No depletion of nutrients by feeder cells.
  • Screened for mycoplasma contamination.
  • Very competitively priced.

Example of Hybridoma Cloning
An example of hybridoma cloning using BriClone™ (5%) or mouse macrophages as feeder cells. The hybridomas were cloned by limiting dilution at 1 cell/well..


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