A global shortage of CO2 is affecting the cost of dry ice. Regrettably, we must add a surcharge of £10/€12 to every shipment that requires dry ice.
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1471684D0021Agarose Ultra PureAbnova CorporationDetails
13871097-18P12-USpecial Agarose - Type 3:1, 1000 gBioConceptDetails
13871087-18P12-RSpecial Agarose - Type 3:, 500 gBioConceptDetails
13871077-01P02-UStandard Agarose - Type LE, 1 kgBioConceptDetails
13871067-18P12-OSpecial Agarose - Type 3:1, 100 gBioConceptDetails
13871057-01P02-RStandard Agarose - Type LE, 500 gBioConceptDetails
13871047-01P02-OStandard Agarose - Type LE, 100 gBioConceptDetails
972063AgaroseNr.3Agarose Nr.3Nordic MuBioDetails
662367AgaroseNr.4Agarose Nr.4 for EID (Laurell)Nordic MuBioDetails