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1440056NEU-BSV-COVMagBead Viral RNA Lysis BufferNeuromicsDetails
1407056E-CK-A10510xACK Lysis BufferElabscienceDetails
1407055E-CK-A10610x RBC Lysis/Fixation SolutionElabscienceDetails
1402026GAS-003-CE_IVDNM-LYSE: Flow Cytometry Lysing SolutionNordic MuBioDetails
1402025GAS-003-1-CE_IVDNM LYSE: Flow Cytometry Lysing SolutionNordic MuBioDetails
1402024GAS-002B-1-CE_IVDFIX&PERM® Solution B (Perm) (CE)Nordic MuBioDetails
1402023GAS-002A-1-CE_IVDFIX&PERM® Solution A (Fix) (CE)Nordic MuBioDetails
1402022GAS-002-1-CE_IVDFIX&PERM® Kit 1000 (CE)Nordic MuBioDetails
1402021GAS-002-CE_IVDFIX&PERM® Cell Fixation and Permeabilization Kit (CE)Nordic MuBioDetails
1402020GAS-002M-CE_IVDFIX&PERM® Sample Kit (CE)Nordic MuBioDetails
13875353-13F00-HRBC-Lysis buffer, 100 mLBioConceptDetails
1179947E-BC-R327RIPA Lysis BufferElabscienceDetails
1052061ENO-ETF3702Red Blood Cell Lysis Buffer,or ACK Lysis BufferEnogene BiotechDetails
1007509RBCL-1Red Blood Cell LYSIS Buffer, 1X, SterileZenBioDetails
969189LS-001Firefly Luciferase Lysis Buffer 5X (10mL)SignosisDetails
891084858.040.125Diaclone Lysing BufferDiacloneDetails
662934GAS-003-1NM LYSE: Flow Cytometry Lysing SolutionNordic MuBioDetails
662933GAS-003NM LYSE: Flow Cytometry Lysing SolutionNordic MuBioDetails
662932GAS-002MFIX&PERM Sample Kit (RUO)Nordic MuBioDetails
662930GAS-002B-1FIX&PERM Solution B (Perm) (RUO)Nordic MuBioDetails
662929GAS-002A-1FIX&PERM Solution A (Fix) (RUO)Nordic MuBioDetails
662928GAS-002-1FIX&PERM Kit 1000 (RUO)Nordic MuBioDetails
662927GAS-002FIX&PERM Kit (RUO)Nordic MuBioDetails
631979EA-0001Cell Lysis Buffer for ELISASignosisDetails
421738IQP-200IQ Starfiqs - Intracellular staining fixation and permeabilization solutionIQ ProductsDetails