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Renovos products distributed Globally by Caltag Medsystems. Osteothritis Mesenchmyal Stem Cells Available.

Renovos offer unique Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells, which have been isolated from patients with Osteoarthritis, for research purposes.

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) or skeletal stem cells, of bone marrow origin, have been used as research tools for decades and within the past 10 years progressed to hundreds of clinical trials for various regenerative and immunomodulatory approaches.

Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells

The MSC research field is expanding rapidly, however the outcomes of various in vitro and in vivo studies are not directly comparable due to variability in the stem cell source used, purity, or even irrelevant donor selection.

By applying clonal culture techniques, Renovos MSCs are supplied at the highest purity and at an early passage, allowing for cell expansion.

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs)

Why should you use Renovos MSCs?

Old vs Young cells

Why use Renovos' MSCs from older patients rather than cells from healthy volunteers?

  • Renovos MSCs are generally older providing a population of cells which will act closer to those found in the target patient demographic
  • Renovos isolates MSCs from materials which would otherwise be waste from hip replacement operations
  • Some suppliers treat MSCs with additional growth factors to enhance their proliferation potential, thereby altering normal behaviour and expression

Osteoarthritic vs Healthy

Why use Renovos' MSCs from osteoarthritic patients rather than cells from healthy volunteers?

  • Osteoarthritic cells are altered in expression, cell signaling, cell signaling responses and epigenetics, therefore treatments being developed to work on healthy cells may not work on osteoarthritic cells
  • Using osteoarthritic cells in your assays will provide data more closely related to target demographics, and thereby more accurate screening of drugs, materials and treatment regimens for osteoarthritic patients
  • Renovos MSCs are isolated from patients with osteoarthritic joints, rather than cells from healthy volunteers which are screened for such diseases
  • Renovos isolates MSCs from materials which would otherwise be waste from hip replacement operations

Screened vs Non-screened

Why use Renovos' MSCs rather than isolating cells yourself:

  • Renovos' MSCs have been screened for HIV, HBV and HCV and therefore lower risk for the researchers using them
  • Renovos' MSCs are screened for mycoplasma infection ensuring when you are using these cells no infection is passed to your cultures, and gene expressions and cell performance are not changed by mycoplasma
  • Using Renovos cells reduces the time required for isolation in labs, as the cells are viable and growing for at least 10 more doublings from thawing
  • Renovos MSCs are validated using flow cytometry ensuring the cells are positive for MSC markers and capable of multilineage differentiation

Renovos stem cells offer the following key advantages:

  • Clinically relevant age range for testing therapeutics/biomaterials designed for the elderly, adults or adolescents
  • Donors with clinical presentations -osteoarthritis; as a suitable model for relevant drug/biomaterial testing
  • Early passages and guaranteed cell expansion - P2 stocks, >10 population doublings under optimal conditions
  • Detailed flow cytometric analysis - for expression of common mesenchymal stem/progenitor cell markers, including for STRO-1, CD73, CD90, CD105
  • Multipotency - tested for osteo-, chondro- and adipogenic differentiation in vitro
  • Pathogen free - HBV/HCV/HIV, bacteria, mycoplasma and fungi free
  • Various levels of purity of the stem cell populations available upon request: unselected mesenchymal, STRO-1 cell-enriched, Clonal
  • Inventory available upon request, detailing lot availability, donor age and sex. Lot specific Certificate of Analysis are also available to view.

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Currently, the following products are available:

Please do contact us if you require MSCs from an alternate disease state, as we may be able to provide a custom product.