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RevMab Biosciences

RevMAb Biosciences is a biotechnology company that offers a broad range of antibodies against proteins of the histone family, such as acetylation, phosphorylation, and methylation of different histones. It also includes point mutation specific antibodies, for example against Histone H3.3 G34V, G34W and G34R that are of pathological relevance. In comparison to regular monoclonal antibodies rabbit monoclonal antibodies excel in their specificity and high sensitivity at the same time.

RevMAb Bioscience focuses on the development of monoclonal antibodies using a revolutionary technology that does not require cell fusion and hybridoma generation. Their rabbit and goat monoclonal antibodies are developed from a broad range of antigen-specific B cells that are inaccessible to traditional hybridoma technology. After extensive screening and clone selection, RevMAb antibodies are purified and recombinantly produced from an animal origin-free source.

Technology Overview

  • No hybridoma/cell-cell fusion. B cells are directly isolated and cultured.
  • Stringent screening for high affinity and specific clones.
  • MAbs are recombinantly produced from an animal origin free medium and then purified.
  • Batch to batch consistency is ensured because MAbs are expressed recombinantly.

Selected High-Quality Antibodies

The RevMAb team consists of pioneers in optimizing and transforming rabbit hybridoma technology for commercial application, and developing rabbit monoclonal antibodies for research, diagnostic and therapeutic use. With years of experience and strong expertise in antibody development, RevMAb's team of scientists aim to revolutionize antibody generation and develop high quality products to "reveal true science".


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