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ScienCell products distributed in UK and Europe by Caltag Medsystems. Products include human and animal primary cells and cell culture media

ScienCell Research Laboratories

Primary Cells

With cutting-edge technologies and stringent standard of quality control, ScienCell is proud to provide researchers with over 260 types of reliable, high quality primary cells from 24 normal human and animal systems many of which are unique to the industry.

Primary cells differ from immortalised cell lines by limited population doubling. Without genetic and chemical modifications, primary cells retain many of the important physiological properties of their origin tissue systems and closely mimic the in vivo conditions. They, therefore, offer ideal cell models for a vast variety of research, from fundamental cell biology and physiology, developmental biology, disease mechanisms, to drug screening and therapeutics development.

Using methods exclusive to ScienCell, their primary cells are isolated from healthy human and animal tissues, cryopreserved at early passage with outstanding cell viability. They also provide customised cell isolation services, cell-derived DNA, RNA and proteins.

Cell Systems

Cell Types

Cell Culture Media

ScienCell's wide assortment of cell culture media is in liquid form and includes Specialty, Classical & Supplement varieties. Each product is designed for optimal nutrition and growth of primary cells. ScienCell's media is manufactured and tested to ensure a high standard of quality and consistency.

Each specialty medium is paired with cell-specific growth supplements for optimal growth and survival. Complete media kits include basal media, growth supplement, penicillin/streptomycin and fetal bovine serum (if applicable).

Specialty Media

ScienCell specialty media are formulated to meet the complex nutritional requirements of primary cells under low serum or serum-free conditions. Each specialty medium is paired with cell-specific growth supplements for optimal growth and survival.

Classical Media

ScienCell Research Laboratories provides high quality classical media formulations. They are also happy to accommodate custom formulation requests.


ScienCell growth supplements are optimally formulated with the hormones and growth factors necessary to support individual primary cell types. Supplements are included with specialty media or may be purchased separately.

Sciencell specialty media

Stem Cells

Pluripotent stem cells can be derived from the inner cell mass of a blastocyst (an early-stage embryo), termed embryonic stem (ES) cells, or induced from somatic cells by ectopic expression of a set of transcription factors including Oct3/4, Sox2, c-Myc, Klf4, Nanog, named iPS cells. These cells are able to self-renewal and differentiate into all derivatives of the three primary germ layers: ectoderm, mesoderm and endoderm.

Meanwhile, mesenchymal stem cells are multipotent stromal cells that can differentiate into a variety of cell types including: osteoblasts, chondrocytes and adipocytes.

ScienCell provides quality products of culture medium, growth factors, mesenchymal stem cells, characterization tools etc. for your stem cells research.

Technical Resource: Stem Cell Basics

Transfection Reagents

ScienCell have a wide-variety of cell transfection reagents, fully optimised for high-efficiency transfection, as well as any extra cellular matrix your cells demand. Whether your cells require USDA-certified foetal bovine serum, Trypsin/EDTA, or an enzyme-free dissociation solution, and much more, ScienCell can provide fully-tested and guaranteed components that will allow your cells to reach their maximum potential.

The manipulation of gene expression is an important tool for researchers, yet primary cells are notoriously difficult to transfect. ScienCell Research Laboratories’ suite of cationic polymer-based transfection reagents are designed and optimized for specific primary cell types. Obtain efficient transfection in just one day without the need to remove serum or antibiotics.

Molecular Biology

Molecular Biology Products: cDNA, Genomic DNA, Total RNA, MicroRNA, and cell lysates.

ScienCell Research Laboratories provides ready-to-us DNAs, RNAs, and protein lysates isolated from their extensive collection of primary cells. The quality and purity of their molecular biology products are rigorously tested by their Quality Control Department to ensure optimal performance. Our molecular biology products are convenient and cost-effective for researchers as it eliminates the need to acquire expensive tissues for isolation of DNA, RNA, or lysates.


ScienCell provides genomic DNA, Complete DNA extracted from over 100 different primary cell types. They have various applications in experiments, such as PCR, molecular cloning, Western/Southern/Northern Blotting and microarrays.


ScienCell provides MicroRNA, total RNA extracted from over 100 different primary cell types. They have various applications in experiments, such as PCR, molecular cloning, Western/Southern/Northern Blotting and microarrays.


ScienCell's protein lysates are prepared from early passage normal primary cells using a modified RIPA buffer (50 mM Tris-HCl pH 7.2, 150 mM NaCl, 1% NP-40, 1mM EDTA, 1 mM EGTA, 0.4 mM PMSF, 5 µg/ml aprotinin, 5 µg/ml leupeptin, 1 µg/ml pepstatin, 1 mM Na3VO4, 5 mM NaF). The quality of the lysates are rigorously tested using Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate-Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE). Their lysates are supplied ready-to-use and are cost effective for researchers as it eliminates the need to acquire expensive tissues.


  • Western Blotting

Cell Based Assays

ScienCell offer faster and more sensitive cell-based assays designed for increased-throughput in biomedical research, drug screening, and diagnostic fields. Cell-based assays are essential and powerful tools in research and clinical labs. ScienCell Research Laboratories has developed a wide variety of cell-based assay kits to facilitate research in many areas such as metabolism, oxidative stress, and stem cells as well as to provide quantitative results for enzyme activity, metabolite level, and the status of cell growth.

Cell Analysis

Enzyme Activity

Metabolism Assays

Organelle Analysis

Oxidative Stress

Stem Cells


Enzyme-linked immunosorbant assay (ELISA) is a simple and highly sensitive method to quantify a secreted or intracellular protein concentration within a variety of different sample types including sera, cell lysates, and plasma. ELISA is used as a diagnostic tool in medicine and plant pathology, as well as a quality-control check in various industries.

ScienCell offers a variety of ELISA kits ranged over many fields in the life sciences, such as molecular biology, molecular immunology, and cytobiology. ScienCell ELISA kits allow specific, quantitative and consistent measurements of soluble antigens found in sera, plasma, body fluids, tissue lysates and cell culture supernatants.

ScienCell ELISA kits feature:

  1. Extremely high quality, user-friendly, and quick detection that require only small amounts of sample.
  2. Test data and corresponding sample standards for the preparation of a standard detection curve.
  3. Ready-to-use and scalable formats, containing reagents for up to 96 reactions in the 96-well immunoassay divisible plate format.
  4. All at an excellent value.

Growth Factors

Advance your research with pure, high-quality growth factors from ScienCell. Work with the exclusive signaling molecules that play central roles in cell proliferation and differentiation.

Only pure material can attain robust signalling. ScienCell growth factors are intended to provide:

  • Higher activity: more effect with less protein.
  • Better purity: minimal interference from contaminants.

If you are having difficulty downloading product data or require further information, please contact us.


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