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Vitro Biopharma

Vitro Biopharma offer tools to support stem cell research and clinical studies of MSCs.


Vitro Biopharma's products include both native MSCs, MSC derivatives for stem cell research, and Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts (CAFs) & native fibroblasts for advanced cancer research. Cryopreserved at a low passage, these cells offer improved growth, 2-3-fold greater cellular recovery, and substantially greater real time stability when used in conjunction with the recommended media.

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Vitro Biopharma have developed several novel cell culture media formulations through over 25 years of stem cell research, resulting in their MSC-Gro™ range. MSC-Gro™ medium from Vitro Biopharma offers faster growth, resulting in significantly greater cellular yield, higher quality and potency, vastly improved stability, and complete formulations without the necessity of mixing prior to use.

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