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CELLnTEC Advanced Cell Systems is a Swiss based company that specialises in primary epithelial in-vitro cell culture. With scientists' expert in epithelial adult stem cells, they have developed a range of products, which outperform existing alternatives, and take advantage of the rapidly growing demand for epithelial cell culture products.

CELLnTEC uses detailed insights into the triggers of specific cell behaviours to develop specialty media tailored for proliferation, differentiation, co-culture in 2D or 3D and aging of a variety of cell types.

All CELLnTEC media are formulated for optimal quality, with certified components and recombinant proteins to deliver animal-component-free and fully defined products optimized for reliable research and clinical applications.

The 6 Powers Of Prime

  • ACF (Animal Component Free), Chemically Defined - Prime media use animal component free factors to improve retention of proliferative progenitor cells, and co-factors to improve growth-factor binding. Most media are chemically defined, for maximal control of your experimental environment.
  • Reliable & Clinically Upgradeable - Reliability is critical for clinical use. Fully defined media with certified, animal-free components are easily upgraded for clinical applications, whilst an 8-point process minimizes variation.
  • Sophisticated Models - Proliferation media do not deliver great differentiation, co-culture or aging. Finely tuned media significantly improve specialist behaviours.
  • Simplicity - One bottle, one box shipping, one-step preparation, and one-source products and protocols for 2D and 3D culture.
  • Customisable - Fully customisable growth factor combinations available on request.
  • Support - Advice from CELLnTEC researchers that use the products every day.

If you would like to test a sample pack or require further information, please contact us.

Blog posts

Generate bladder 2D/3D models with long-term cell line HBLAK for advanced urological research

CELLnTec provides HBLAK, which has become a more conveniently available model for urological research than primary urothelial cultures.


2D Differentiation of Epithelial Cells, Fibroblasts, and Melanocytes With Ease and Accuracy

CELLnTEC’s 2D differentiation media come in a fully supplemented, one-bottle ready-to-use formulation designed to create an environment conducive to cell differentiation.


Tailored Media for Proliferation and ECM Production

Traditional fibroblast media utilise 10% serum combined with very simple basal media formulations. The new CnT-PR-F medium uses an advanced basal med…


Features of Melanocyte Differentiation Medium

Traditional melanocyte media contain a mixture of signals and aim to provide both strong proliferation, whilst maintaining melanin expression and dend…


Double Keratinocyte Isolation Efficiency with Isoboost

Isolation is a considerable stress for primary cells, in which the physical detachment and loss of cohesion results in significant loss of viability…


Features of CnT Prime Medium

CnT-Prime is a fully defined medium, that is free of all human and animal-derived components. It uses an optimised basal medium with additional trace…



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